Staffing Services

A flexible and cost effective business model can be the key of success in any business, and that can be achieved with the right combination of permanent andhigher productive & lower cost outsourced-temporary but quality manpower, without incurring liabilities of the organization.

Abiansoft has a highly skilled team to scrutinize and select the right candidates for various verticals across different domains. So we can pin pointright person, with right skill-set for the right positions for short term and long term projects and do recruitment process for Information Technology, Software Development, IoT, Telecom Software, Semiconductor and Mobile Application domain.

Recruitment Services
  • Short and Long Term Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Industry Ready Skilled Resources
  • L2/L3 Protocol Developers
  • L2/L3 Protocol Testers
  • Python Scripting
  • Mobile App Developer
  • IoT Application Developer
  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
Process we follow
  • We pick the right talent from the market as per skill-set requirements.
  • Initial filtering done by our expert team.
  • Initial screening done by our core technical team by conducting telephonic interview.
  • We provide feedback to the client's technical team along with resume and recorded full session of technical interview.
  • Client's technical team will conduct the all necessary technical Interview.
  • Closing of outsourcing and/or recruitment process according to the feedback from client's technical team and other necessary process.